Secret Message by Designer Q

The paper used in making paper cups is made from the highest grade of pulp. However the recyclability of this paper cup is less than 10 percent. This is because people tend to crumple or deform the paper cup (out of habit or without any thought) which prevents the pulp from being recycled. The paper is coated in polyethylene, a type of plastic (polymer bonding substance). After removing this coating the pulp can be recycled however, this process is done by machines and if the shape of the cup is altered in any form it is impossible for the machine to remove the coating. Therefore the idea is to propose a paper cup which prevents people from deforming or altering the shape of their takeout beverage paper cup.

 Only some areas of the bottom of the cup is coated therefore after drinking the beverage certain parts get stained. Also after drinking the consumer can see the hidden image of a coin. The consumer remembers that the cup is worth money so they return it for recycling and a small refund fee. If a company uses this product, with small cost they can care for the environment and become an eco friendly company.


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